April 1, 2015 

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Being Gentle With Anger
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About Linda
Me and Flora

Linda Marks, MSM, is pioneer in body psychotherapy who has developed, taught and practiced Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy (EKP) for 30 years. She is also a singer/songwriter, and loves the way music can speak heart to heart.

Author of LIVING WITH VISION and HEALING THE WAR BETWEEN THE GENDERS, she co-founded the Massachusetts Association of Body Psychotherapists and Counseling Bodyworkers and is the founder of the Boston Area Sexuality and Spirituality Network. She holds degrees from Yale and MIT, and has a vital 19-year-old son.

To find out more about Linda . . .

 HealingHeartPower Calendar
Would you like to learn how to do Emotional Kinesthetic Psychotherapy(EKP)?   


You can:  organize a workshop, sponsor a "Community As  Healer" experience or join with others who might want to learn too.


Linda Marks and Bonnie MacLeod

Upcoming Workshops: 



Community As Healer


Sunday, April 26

12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Newton, MA


Musical Performances:


Spring Into Song

Fundraiser for the City of Newton

May 3, 2015

4 pm

Newton, MA


An Evening of Cabaret  

featuring Linda Marks, Bob DiCicco and Tracey O'Farrell

May 13

7 pm

Newton YMCA

Newton, MA


BACA Performer


featuring Linda Marks

May 31

6 pm

Amazing Things

Arts Center

Framingham, MA


Heart to Heart

CD Release Concert

September 16

8 pm

Scullers Jazz Club

Boston, MA



At The Music Salon

in Waltham, MA:



April 19

An evening of music with

Jack and Jesse Gauthier

and visual art 

by Rowan Wielblad

5 pm


May 2

Open mic with

Barbra Dale Solomon

 at the Chickering

Potuck brunch

11 am - 2 pm


November 8

Dale LePage and

Bonnie MacLeod

5 pm


If you would like to train in EKP, contact Linda


If you would like to sponsor a

Healing the Traumatized Heart workshop,  or a Community As Healer workshop,

contact LSMHEART@aol.com



As the snow has been melting, a lot has been unfolding musically!  The biggest news is that my new CD, Heart to Heart, will be released at Scullers Jazz Club on Wednesday, September 16 at 8pm!


Scullers is my VERY favorite venue for live music, so it is a true delight to be playing there with Bonnie MacLeod (piano), Miki Matsuki (drums), Geoff Wadsworth (saxophone), Dave Birkin (clarinet and more), and Greg Holt (bass).


Tickets will be available through the Scullers website in early June.


This May, I have quite a few musical events on the calendar:


Sunday, May 3 is the "Spring into Song" Cabaret Fundraiser for the Newton Festival of the Arts at 4 pm at Newton City Hall. Tickets are $20


Wednesday, May 13 is an Evening of Cabaret (with Bob DiCicco and  Tracey O'Farrell joining me along with cabaret singers from Newton North and South High Schools at 7 pm at the Newton YMCA.


And at long last, the February 15 concert at Amazing Things Arts Center, has been rescheduled for Sunday, May 31 at 6 pm.   


CD Cover
CD Release Concert will be at Scullers Jazz Club on 9/16
Upcoming Music Salon events:


Our Music Salon house concert with delightful father-son duo Jack and Jesse Gauthier is Sunday, April 19 at 5 pm.  Work by visual artist Rowan Wielblad will be on display.


Jesse and Jack Gauthier

And Saturday, May 2 from 11 am - 2 pm, join us for a potluck brunch and open mic for singers with Barbra Dale Solomon at the piano!


Community As Healer:


Sunday, April 26, the  Community As Healer group meets from 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm in Newton.  We are planning to run this group monthly.


This month featured articles are:  Being Gentle With Anger, drawing on the thoughts of Jeff Foster.


Your comments and feedback are always welcome!    









                       "May all beings be peaceful.

                        May all beings be happy.

                        May all beings be safe.

                        May all beings awaken to the light of 

                        their true nature.

                        May all beings be free."


                           --Lovingkindness Prayer





"Attention  is the quality of mindful presence:  Wake up and be here now!

Intention  is the quality of mind necessary to sustain the focus of attention:  Intention allows you to live and meditate "on purpose."
Attitude  allows your practice of mindfulness and meditation to flourish, flow with ease and depth, and be truly sustainable: Experiment with bringing a deeper sense of curiosity, compassion, patience, equanimity, and openness to your practice."

                           -  Joel and Michelle Levey



Being Gentle With Anger

 "Anger is the roar of a lion, the cry of a universe longing to be born.  It reminds you, when you have forgotten, that the power of life moves through you.  That you have a voice."

                                                        --Jeff Foster


Anger often gets a bad rap.  Sure, when a person acts out thoughtlessly from anger or impulsively without considering the impact of his/her actions on self or other, anger can be harmful personally and relationally.  However, we often fail to make distinction between healthy, life promoting feelings and experiences of anger and destructive expressions that may obscure deeper feelings and experiences underneath the anger.





Music Notes

Music is such a source of great joy, and is a universal language to connect people heart-to-heart. I look forward to sharing my new Heart to Heart CD with you at our release concert, Wednesday, September 16 at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston!

My May gigs are listed in the introductory notes of this newsletter.  I also participate in many of the wonderful open mics available to local singers:

Amazing Things Arts Center organized by Leslie Holmes
Many BACA (Boston Association of Cabaret Artists) singers perform in a monthly open mic.  This month, it is April 8 at 7 pm.

BACA (Boston Association of Cabaret Artists) Open Mics in Watertown (next one is Wednesday, April 22 at 7 pm at UU Church in Watertown)
Arts at the Armory Open mics are organized by Celia Slattery and take place the first Thursday of the month in Somerville.  This month:  Thursday, April 2.
Club Café in Boston has many open mics hosted by a wonderful variety of singers and pianists in its Napoleon Room.
The Winiker Trio plays from 6 - 8 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and from 10 am - 1 pm on Sundays at the Waltham Westin.  Singers can most often sit in.

At The Music Salon

in Waltham, MA:  


April 19

An evening of music with Jack and Jesse Gauthier

Visual art by Rowan Wielblad

5 pm - 8 pm

Potluck dinner

Wild Horses by Rowan Wielblad
Wild Horses by Rowan Wielblad

May 2

Open mic for singers (and lovers of music)

with Barbra Dale Solomon at the piano

11 am - 2 pm

Potluck brunch


Visit http//lindamarksmusic.com to see what I am up to!

What is EKP?
EKP is Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy, a heart-centered, body-centered psychotherapy method Linda Marks developed and has taught and practiced for nearly twenty years. Working with the heart, touch with permission, the wisdom of the body and the intuitive guidance of the spirit, EKP creates a special sense of intimacy that deeply touches and transforms most all who participate.

Participants can be "client," witness or helper as an individual group member has a "turn" to do deeper heart-centered, body-centered psychospiritual work in the center. Since the electromagnetic field of the heart extends out 10 - 12 feet from our bodies, as we go deeper and open our hearts, we are all touched.

EKP helps restore our capacity as organs of perception. The skin is our largest organ, and a source of soul deep knowing, perception and expression. When our hearts and hands can work as one, we move beyond defenses safely and respectfully and find freedom, connection and expression.



Emotional safety is the foundation of EKP.  When we are emotionally safe, we are more aware of feelings, sensations and deeper thoughts in our bodies and hearts.  You will have a chance to listen to and care for your heart as you help create and hold a safe healing space for everyone's heart.  Experience what we mean when we say that in EKP, "when anyone has a turn, everyone has a turn."


I welcome dialogue and comments on my articles through my blog:  HealingHeartPower.blogspot.com It is user friendly, and even something you can subscribe to.


Linda Marks

email: lsmheart@aol.com
phone: (617) 913-0683
web: www.HealingHeartPower.com