September 1, 2013 

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We Need Each Other: Kindness, Bonding and Barriers to Bonding
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Linda Marks, MSM, is pioneer in body psychotherapy who has developed, taught and practiced Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy (EKP) for more than two decades.

Author of LIVING WITH VISION and HEALING THE WAR BETWEEN THE GENDERS, she co-founded the Massachusetts Association of Body Psychotherapists and Counseling Bodyworkers and is the founder of the Boston Area Sexuality and Spirituality Network. She holds degrees from Yale and MIT, and has a vital 17-year-old son.

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 HealingHeartPower Calendar
Would you like to learn how to do Emotional Kinesthetic Psychotherapy(EKP)?   

If you would like to apprentice in EKP, you may want to consider participating in a half-day EKP workshop or be part of the Community As Healer group.   


To be scheduled

Community As Healer


Newton, MA 

1 - 4 pm


September 2

Shirley Fest

Honoring the life of Shirley Lewis

Newton, New Hampshire

Begins at noon


September 14

Community As Healer 

with Linda Marks

Worcester Goddess Fair

Worcester State College


September 17

Bonnie MacLeod 

at Club Cafe, Boston

8 pm

(I will join her for a few songs)


September 19

Louise Van Aarsen 

at Vernissage, Brookline

8 pm


September 20

Bill and Bo Winiker

Jazz Meets Broadway

The Chart, Quincy

7 pm and 9 pm shows


Setpember 21

Special Blues Cruise in Honor of Shirley Lewis

Newburyport, MA

Produced by Joe Laite


November 16

Relationship Alchemy:

Turning Muck to Gold

Natural Living Expo

Marlboro, MA

3 pm.


November 24

Music Mentoring and Friendraising Gala

at Scullers Jazz Club

Boston, MA

5 - 8 pm


April 20, 2014

3rd Annual Voices of Boys and Men Benefit Concert 

for Boys to Men New England

at Scullers Jazz Club

5 - 7:30 pm


If you would like to train in EKP, contact Linda


If you would like to sponsor a

Healing the Traumatized Heart workshop, a Willingness:  The Key to Successful Relationships workshop or a Community As Healer workshop,



Labor Day weekend often marks the transition from summer and its time of vacations to fall and its faster pace of engagement in the world.


September has many wonderful music events coming up.  I am part of some of them, and my friends are part of others.  All of my musical friends are not only talented at their art form, but also wonderful human beings.  Catch their shows if you can:  


Bonnie MacLeod will be playing at Club Cafe in Boston on September 17, Louise Van Aarsen will be playing at Vernissage in Brookline on September 19 , and Bill and Bo Winiker with their band will be playing at The Chart in Quincy on September 20.  See the calendar for more details.


Creating events that integrate music, community and a good cause spark the flame of my passion.  I am working on two amazing events, both at Scullers Jazz Club,  which I hope you will come out and enjoy: a Music Mentoring and Friendraising Gala on Sunday, November 24, 2013 benefitting the Boston Minstrels and the Living the Blues Foundation, and  the 3rd Annual "Voices of Boys and Men Benefit Concert" for Boys to Men New England on Sunday April 20, 2014.


I will be speaking on Community As Healer at the Goddess Fair at Worcester State College on September 14.


 November 16, I will be giving a workshop on Relationship Alchemy:  Turning Muck into Gold at the Natural Living Expo in Marlboro, MA.


Defining Moments for Therapists, edited by Serge Prengel and Lynn Somerstein, includes a chapter I wrote, "Soul Geisha."  The book is available on


                                  Articles include:
"We Need Each Other:  Kindness, Bonding and Barriers to Bonding,"  exploring our deep need for connection and what makes it so hard to bond in today's world, and "Being A Force of Nature,"
reflecting on a message I've been given quite repeatedly in recent times.


A very special Blues Cruise will take place on Saturday, September 21 honoring Shirley Lewis.  For more information: 


Your comments and feedback are always welcome!    




Music Mentoring and Friendraising Gala Logo 

Sunday, November 24 2013 

5:00 - 8:00 pm

Doors open at 4:30 pm

Scullers Jazz Club

Boston, MA


Tickets:  $25 General Admission

$40 Preferred Seating


Music is a language that feeds the soul, bridges all divides and brings great joy.  Music brings people together in a way little else can and unites our hearts.


This event is a special benefit, integrating the blues, jazz and Boston Minstrels communities to highlight and celebrate the importance of mentoring in the music world.  Keynote speakers from the blues, jazz and Boston Minstrels communities will speak and play their special flavor of music, along with other special musical talents.  


Financial proceeds will go to the Boston Minstrels, whose mission is to bring positive emotional change to people in need (prisons, homeless shelters, VA hospitals...) through music and the Living the Blues Foundation, founded in memory of Shirley Lewis, the Regal Queen of the Blues.


Keynote speakers are:


James Montgomery, 

speaking about mentoring in the blues community


Bill and Bo Winiker, 

speaking about mentoring in the jazz community


Tim McHale, Boston Minstrels Founder, 

speaking about mentoring in the larger world community


To purchase tickets click here


What is EKP?
EKP is Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy, a heart-centered, body-centered psychotherapy method Linda Marks developed and has taught and practiced for nearly twenty years. Working with the heart, touch with permission, the wisdom of the body and the intuitive guidance of the spirit, EKP creates a special sense of intimacy that deeply touches and transforms most all who participate.

Participants can be "client," witness or helper as an individual group member has a "turn" to do deeper heart-centered, body-centered psychospiritual work in the center. Since the electromagnetic field of the heart extends out 10 - 12 feet from our bodies, as we go deeper and open our hearts, we are all touched.

EKP helps restore our capacity as organs of perception. The skin is our largest organ, and a source of soul deep knowing, perception and expression. When our hearts and hands can work as one, we move beyond defenses safely and respectfully and find freedom, connection and expression.



Emotional safety is the foundation of EKP.  When we are emotionally safe, we are more aware of feelings, sensations and deeper thoughts in our bodies and hearts.  You will have a chance to listen to and care for your heart as you help create and hold a safe healing space for everyone's heart.  Experience what we mean when we say that in EKP, "when anyone has a turn, everyone has a turn."


3rd Annual Benefit Concert for Boys to Men New England
Mentoring Matters
2013 Benefit Concert Flyer
This year's Benefit Concert for Boys to Men New England will take place on Sunday, April 20, 2014 from 5 - 7:30 pm at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston.

We are putting together our line up of performers, which will include "the Godfather of the Boston Folk Scene," Geoff Bartley with Howie Tarnower, Regal queen of the blues Shirley Lewis' fabulous daughter Angela Warner, and our father-son duo Jack and Jesse Gauthier...and many other exciting artists to be announced.

Tickets are $50 General Admission and $75 Preferred Seating, available by sending a check payable to Boys to Men New England to BTMNE c/o Linda Marks, 3 Central Avenue, Newton, MA 02460.  Please include your name, e-mail and cell phone number with your check.

You can also support BTMNE by:

1.  Sponsoring a teen to attend the concert.  (Send in $75 payable to BTMNE and you will sponsor one student to attend).

2.  Making a donation of any amount to BTMNE.

3.  Taking out an ad in our program ($250 for a business card sized ad).

4.  Being an event sponsor ($500 donation gets your logo on the back cover)
We Need Each Other:  Kindness, Bonding and Barriers to Bonding


Our world can be cold and cruel, and as we increasingly reach out and touch our handheld devices, instead of one another, it is easy to become numb to our basic human need to connect and feel connected emotionally, physically and in real time to ourselves and others.


Dr. Bruce Perry, who specializes in the impact of childhood trauma on our ability to bond and form healthy relationships talks about "attachment,'" our capacity to form and maintain healthy emotional relationships.    Dr. Perry believes that at our core, human beings are relational creatures.  In fact, he believes the very nature of humanity arises from relationships.  Almost everything we learn about what it means to be a human being in learned in a relational context including:  how we impact one another through our words, thought and actions, how we think and feel and how we express or communicate our thoughts and feelings, how to respond or behave in a given situation and how the world works, both in small details and bigger picture ways.


To read the complete article:

Workshops:  Community As Healer 

Community As Healer

$50 suggested donation will go to Boys to Men New England, the Life Is Good Kids Foundation and other organizations committed to making the world better for children.

Be part of a healing village doing EKP (Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy) body-centered psychotherapy work in community and see what we mean in EKP when we say, "when anyone has a turn, everyone has a turn."  We will create a space of emotional safety, incorporating a heart meditation, facilitated dialogue, and watching body language and non-verbal cues for the person having a turn.

Learn about the roles of client, witness and helper in EKP as we create a safe container with our collective heart field in 20 minute turns.  No matter what role you play, our goal is for you to feel nourished and supported!

Linda Marks, MSM, is a body psychotherapy coach and mediator who has worked with individuals, couples, families and groups for 27 years in Newton, MA.  Helping people connect, feel heard and understood so they have healthier, happier relationships is at the heart of her work.   Linda is committed to creating a better world for children and serves as Board Co-Chair of Boys to Men New England, serves on the Board of Directors for Ben Speaks, and serves on the Board of Advisors for the Flo Creed Jacobson Foundation.  She also serves on the Board of the Living the Blues Foundation.

Being A Force of Nature



I am grateful that since childhood I have been given the gifts of clarity, groundedness and the ability to take vision and make it real through action.  I have found myself in positions of leadership again and again, even without intending to land there or trying.  Even as a shy 8th grader, I ended up elected to serve as the class president, despite or perhaps because instead of reading a canned campaign speech, I sat on the edge of the stage and spoke from my heart to everyone in the audience.

I have been called "the engine" in numerous volunteer groups, perhaps for my ability to sustain a strong focus both for myself and the group or organization as a whole, and to find ways to integrate and direct the skills and talents of others in the group towards a common vision over time.

Most recently, I have found myself repeatedly called, "a force of nature."  That term has at times been a compliment, but at other times  a less than endearing phrase.  When another human being marvels at what I can create and sustain from a respectful place, that can be touching.  However, when the implication is that another person is scared of me because my power and passion are so strong they fear being swept under by my wave, that saddens and isolates me.


To read the complete article



My first blog at will still be active, but it is built in forum software, which many people find more cumbersome to use than official "blog" software.

In an effort to cultivate more dialogue in more contemporarily relevant ways, my new blog at is user friendly, and even something you can subscribe to.
Please let me know what you think of this new blog.


Linda Marks

phone: (617) 965-7846