August 1, 2012 

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Efemination: A Female Parallel to Emasculation
Willingness in Relationships Workshop: Active Listening
How Grace Grows Power
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Linda Marks, MSM, is pioneer in body psychotherapy who has developed, taught and practiced Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy (EKP) for more than two decades.

Author of LIVING WITH VISION and HEALING THE WAR BETWEEN THE GENDERS, she co-founded the Massachusetts Association of Body Psychotherapists and Counseling Bodyworkers and is the founder of the Boston Area Sexuality and Spirituality Network. She holds degrees from Yale and MIT, and has a vital 16-year-old son.

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 August 4

HAI Cabaret

Hollis, NH


August 11

Community As Healer

Presentation at 

United States Association for Body Psychotherapy National Conference

Boulder, CO


September 11

Boston Jazz Singers Showcase

8 pm

Ryles Jazz Club

Cambridge, MA


September 21

Active Listening

at David Sneickus and Margaret Arndt's home

Newton, MA


September 22 - 23

Life Is Good Festival

Canton, MA


September 29

Community As Healer Clinic Workshop

Natural Living Expo

Sturbridge, MA


April 21, 2013

2nd Annual "Voices of Boys and Men" Benefit Concert for Boys to Men New England

Scullers Jazz Club

Boston, MA


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Articles in this issue are:  Efemination: A Female Parallel to Emasculation, looking at ways men drain women of their feminine power, just as women can drain men of their masculine power.
How Grace Grows Power, exploring the idea that power actually grows more potent and elegant as we embody more grace and humility.
Active Listening is the next workshop in the Willingness: The Key to Successful Relationships series that I have been offering at the home of Margaret Arndt and David Sneickus  at their home in Auburndale.  The workshop will take place  on Friday, September 21 at 7 pm.  Contact for more information.
I will be singing again at Ryles Jazz Club in Inman Square in Cambridge on Friday, September 11, in the Boston Jazz Singers Showcase.  Having familiar faces in the audience always makes a world of difference!  The show begins at 8 pm.
I will be presenting a Community As Healer workshop at the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy's national conference in Boulder, CO on August 11.  It will be wonderful to reunite with EKP grad Gretchen Stecher, who will help staff the workshop.

To help raise the visibility of EKP, I have established a new HealingHeartPower meetup group.  To join our meetup group....


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What is EKP?
EKP is Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy, a heart-centered, body-centered psychotherapy method Linda Marks developed and has taught and practiced for nearly twenty years. Working with the heart, touch with permission, the wisdom of the body and the intuitive guidance of the spirit, EKP creates a special sense of intimacy that deeply touches and transforms most all who participate.

Participants can be "client," witness or helper as an individual group member has a "turn" to do deeper heart-centered, body-centered psychospiritual work in the center. Since the electromagnetic field of the heart extends out 10 - 12 feet from our bodies, as we go deeper and open our hearts, we are all touched.

EKP helps restore our capacity as organs of perception. The skin is our largest organ, and a source of soul deep knowing, perception and expression. When our hearts and hands can work as one, we move beyond defenses safely and respectfully and find freedom, connection and expression.


Beige silk and pearls
Linda Marks, MSM


Emotional safety is the foundation of EKP.  When we are emotionally safe, we are more aware of feelings, sensations and deeper thoughts in our bodies and hearts.  You will have a chance to listen to and care for your heart as you help create and hold a safe healing space for everyone's heart.  Experience what we mean when we say that in EKP, "when anyone has a turn, everyone has a turn."


Efemination: A Female Parallel to Emasculation



When I started interviewing men for my book Healing the War Between the Genders:  The Power of the Soul-Centered Relationship, one theme I heard frequently from the men I interviewed was how women, on the one hand, complained that men never talked or shared their feelings, yet on the other hand, if they did take the risk of talking, interrupted them, judged them, and got angry at them rather than just listening and honoring them for speaking.


The issue of men feeling emasculated by the women in their lives surfaced as an important theme.  Men need to be trusted and feel honored by the women in their lives.  Men want to make women happy and they need clear targets to succeed in doing so.  If rather than giving a man a clear sense of what will make her happy and then appreciating him when he does exactly what she asked, a woman just complains and focuses on all the things the man isn't doing right, the woman undermines the man's innate sense of power and masculinity.


Recently, I have begun to realize that just as women can emasculate men--meaning, undermine the man's innate sense of power and masculinity, men can undermine a woman's innate sense of power and femininity as well.  However, I have never encountered a word for this.  So, I am choosing to coin one:  "efemination."




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Workshops:  Willingness  in Relationships:  Learning to Love Another Person on Their Own TermsFind us on Facebook

I have been doing a series of workshops at the home of Margaret Arndt and David Sneickus in Auburndale, building on the theme of willingness in relationships.  The next workshop is on Friday, September 14.

Active Listening: A Key to Being Heard and Connected in Relationship

  •  Do you ever speak to someone you care about (a close friend, a family member or partner) and feel unheard?  
  • Have you ever been in a conversation where you and the other person become more and more frustrated, because it seems that you each feel "they just don't get it?"  
While, in theory, we know it is important to listen when another person speaks, we are never taught the fundamentals of what it takes to not only heart what another person s saying, but also to be sure that what we have heard is what they have said.

Active listening is a key skill that allows us to be sure we have heard what the other person has said correctly, and that they other person feels that we have "got it" or "got them."  Active listening increases connection in relationship and can be the difference between a hopeless conflict and true intimacy.
In this workshop, Linda will not only teach the fundamentals for active listening, but give you a chance to try them on and build your skills real-time.
Linda Marks, MSM is a body psychotherapist, coach and mediator and has worked with individuals, couples, families and groups for 27 years in Newton, MA.  Helping people connect, feel heard and understood, so they have healthier, happier relationships is at the heart of her work.

 For more information or to enroll:   Contact Margaret at


How Grace Grows Power
I have always liked the image of the leader who exercises his or her power by helping other people learn to lead themselves.  Some of the greatest teachers I have had have also been the most humble.  Thomas Berry, a great theologian, who I was fortunate enough to dialogue with when I was writing my first book, Living With Vision: Reclaiming the Power of the Heart impressed me with his grace and humility, which only fortified his wisdom and his impact on me.


When a leader puts a graceful foot forward, his/her message is most easy to receive and digest.  Sadly, we have too many examples of heavy handed leadership, and the kind of power that is traded in a zero sum game.  In this model of power, if I have more power, you have less.  If you take up the lead, I am threatened, because I move down the ladder on the food chain.  Heavy handed leadership disempowers in the long run, and sometimes in the short run.

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Creating Better Lives for Kids:  Boys to Men and Life Is Good Kids Foundation
Boys to Men offers adult-teen mentoring in community, helping teenage boys find their voices and grow into the men they want to be.  We offer a community group that meets regularly, and also help schools develop school-based programs.  Our 2nd Annual "Voices of Boys and Men" Benefit Concert will take place at Scullers Jazz Club on April 21, 2013. To learn more...

I am hosting a barbecue at my house on Sunday, July 8 for anyone interested in learning more about this important work, and particularly for anyone who might wish to consider being a mentor.  Please e-mail me at if you would like to attend.

The Life Is Good Foundation is dedicated to helping kids overcome poverty, violence and illness.  The Life is Good Festival September 22 - 23 is a fundraiser for this important work.  I have to decided I would like to raise money to contribute to the Life is Good Foundation.  If you would like to make a donation, please send a check of any amount (from $1 to $1000 plus) payable to Life Is Good Kids Foundation, to me at 3 Central Avenue, Newton, MA 02460.  Include any wishes you might want to send along.  I will gather checks and wishes and send them in to the foundation!  Thanks for your support!  To learn more...
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In an effort to cultivate more dialogue in more contemporarily relevant ways, my new blog at is user friendly, and even something you can subscribe to.
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Linda Marks

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